August 18, 2018 • Lagos, Nigeria


Chinju wore custom made Mai Atafo Bridal Atelier

How it all Started

Funny enough, Obi and I were in Loyola Jesuit College at the same time. But I was in my first year and he was in the graduating class, so our paths never really crossed.

We met years later in 2012 at the Nigerian Independence Day Parade in NYC. I was a student at NYU at the time and Obi came in from Allentown for the weekend. A group of Loyola alumni were catching up after the parade and he came over to say hello. He probably said  less than 10 words to me and somehow I was swoon. That night I told my suite-mate that I would have his babies hah!

I guess he didn’t feel the same way because he didn’t  reach out to me until March 2013. I was on spring break and he messaged me to say he would be in NYC the following weekend. He wanted to meet up if it was convenient.  So we did!  I wish I could say the rest is history but it’s not quite how it happened.

It was clear that  we liked each other and the chemistry was there, but we were at different places in our lives and a relationship the way we both wanted it, wasn’t possible at the time.

You know what they say, if you love someone let them go and if they come back, then you know it’s real. Well that’s what happened here.

We officially became a couple in 2015 after taking a break for a few months and we’ve been together ever since. In a few months we’ll be walking down the aisle together and partaking in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. It’s S-U-R-R-E-A-L that this is our reality but we’re both super excited and happy to be taking this next step in life together.

We’re especially grateful that we’ll be sharing it with so many of our friends and loved ones.

It’s a dream come true.