We Celebrate Fashion Icon At 50

50 years, can you believe it?

Twiggy: It’s been amazing. I’ve been very lucky, I didn’t plan it, I was at school when I was discovered and thrown into a world I knew nothing about. I was so young when it happened, I was 18 and on This Is Your Life. I started out in one career, then modelling led me to meet Ken Russell and star in The Boyfriend  – I was terrified at first but then I thought “what have you got to lose?” – I got a record deal, I’ve done TV, starred on Broadway. I’ve always worked to the best of my ability and am proud of what I’ve done; doing lots of different things is what keeps you interested.

TNMA: How has the modelling industry changed?

Twiggy: Well, I’m not really that involved in mainstream modelling, apart from the shots I do with M&S, but I am proud to be part of such an exciting and diverse industry. In the late sixties, a photography model didn’t do catwalk and so that’s changed. Today girls travel, go to shows, are big on social media – I don’t live by social media – it’s a completely different world.

TNMA: What’s your biggest highlight?

Twiggy: Being on Broadway was quite daunting at first, I was very very nervous but by the time you open, you know the show inside out. I met some extraordinary people: Ginger Rogers, Douglas Fairbanks Junior – on the opening night of ‘The One and Only‘ Lauren Bacall came backstage, gave me a big bear hug, actually picked me up in her arms and said, ” You were wonderful, darling.”‘

TNMA: How would you describe your style and has it changed over the years?

Twiggy: I’ve always worn the boyfriend-y look, I wear trousers a lot and brogues – in the 1960s I used to go to men’s tailors to have suits made. I’ve never followed rules, I like wearing jeans and trousers, love a tailored jacket or biker jacket, that’s my kind of thing and what I feel most comfortable in.

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